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Mbibi Oil Painting Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in oil paintings. We gathered around the Academy of Arts graduates capable painter, monthly creative a large number of paintings, Now We have fixed contract Artist more than 100 people, mainly engaged in various types of painting reproduction and creativity, all works are handmade paintings. Until now our oil paintings have sold to more than 50 countries global.
Our Oil Paintings products line includes:
oil painting reproduction,
original oil painting,
oil painting your photos,
abstract painting,
Landscape painting,
antique oil painting,
china oil painting,
fine oil painting,
flower oil painting,
framed oil painting,
landscape oil painting,
oil painting reproductions,
photo oil painting,
photos oil painting,
children oil painting,
chinese oil painting,
custom oil painting,
garden oil painting,
fruit oil painting,
floral oil painting,
modern oil painting,
seascape oil painting,
ballerina oil painting,
ballet oil painting,
venice oil painting,
women oil paintings,
palace oil painting,
sports oil paintings,
animal oil painting,
abstract oil painting,
abstract oil paintings,
woman oil painting,
women oil painting,
body oil painting,
classic oil painting,
fantasy oil painting,
nature oil painting.

Mbibi built in China mainland GuangDong, the economic prosperity of Guangdong Guangzhou and ShanTou, They are near Shenzhen YanTian Port and Shekou Port, Shantou Port and Guangzhou Huangpu Port, for ship easily and quickly. These geographical advantages attract the world's businessmen from different countries, with the company's outstanding staff and a good business environment, so that our products more competitive.

We wholeheartedly for customers of the world to design and production of quality products, we welcome you to OEM also, sincere establish business contacts with you.

Custom services:
We can draw base on your request by picture, photo, any size paintings.

International business department:
We have the international business department to provide you oil paintings exports and imports service;

Easy to build order:
You should visit our website for online ordering directly, or upload your favorite pictures and photos for custom, and you can order online at any time to follow up the status of your order and processes.
For some of the styles if you are not satisfied with the size of the display, You can be specified your favorite size when ordering, or Email to us after order.
Custom oil painting


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